Semalt Review: Beneficial Web Scraping Services For Non-Coders

Being a non-technical person, you can come up with some obstacles when choosing the profitable web scraping service. It's true that there are a large number of programs on the Internet. Some of them extract data from email address while the others target news outlets, travel sites, and social media platforms. The following data extraction programs are specifically designed for non-coders and people who want to stay away from programming languages such as C++ while accomplishing their tasks.

1. Spinn3r

It is one of the best and most beneficial web scraping services for non-coders. The specialty of Spinn3r is that it can scrape your entire website and extracts data from private blogs, social media and the RSS feeds. It uses a Firehose API and manages more than 80 percent of indexing and crawling on the Internet. In addition, Spinn3r saves the extracted information in JSON form and has properties similar to Google. It scans and updates your datasets as per your requirements and performs a search on the raw data, getting you high-quality and well-structured information easily.

2. Octoparse

Octoparse is one of those data scraping services that are easy to configure. It is widely known for its user-friendly and outstanding interface. Octoparse makes it easy for you to scrape data from difficult web pages and mimics the human user while extracting information and targeting different sites and blogs. Octoparse allows you to save the extracted data on its cloud or download it on a local machine.

3. ParseHub

Just like other famous data extraction services, Parsehub is a reliable and free service that targets a large number of sites and uses redirects, JavaScript, AJAX, and cookies. Moreover, this program is equipped with advanced machine learning technology and can read and evaluate the PDF documents in a better way. Currently, the users of Windows and Linux can use Parsehub, and it can accomplish multiple tasks in 30 minutes.

4. Fminer

Fminer is one of the most beneficial data scraping programs. It combines world-class specifications and lets you visualize your data while it is being scraped. Fminer fetches information from both simple and complicated sites and requires no programming skills at all. If you lack technical knowledge, Fminer is the right program for you.

5. Outwit Hub

It is a powerful Firefox extension that you can download and use as a regular Firefox add-on. Outwit Hub is one of the best and most amazing data extraction tools. It not only collects and scrapes data but also crawls different web pages, making it easy for you to promote your brand. Being out-of-the-box, this program doesn't need any programming skills and is easy to use.

6. Web Scraper - A Chrome Extension

It is a famous Google Chrome extension with high-quality features and properties. Web Scraper is a good alternative to and can be integrated with any operating system. You just need to highlight the data you are looking to scrape and Web Scraper will extract and transform it, giving you the best possible results. It handles websites in JavaScript and Ajax and is the most powerful program for non-technical persons.